Friday, September 5, 2008

The women

When I was in high school, I did modern Dance. I loved Isadora Duncan and Alvin Ailey and Martha Graham. I remember going to see Martha Graham when she was old but still inspiring. I also went to see the Alvin Ailey Dance Co. and was amazed. I took one year in college and then found that I really didn't have all that much talent and I really didn't have the body for dancing or the pony tail.

Anyway, this past week I finished painting 15 foot flats with portraits of jazz singers for MJC's Jam and Jive. (If I ever get the pictures out of my camera, I'll post them. They turned out pretty great.) It's a modern dance recital and it got me remembering these doodles I had done years ago. The first woman is a drawing I did for a card that Kelly gave Lori Bryhni-the Dance teacher at MJC. It was sort of me if I could be a dancer-I would just stand there. The others are drawings of other dance poses I thought I could pull off (of course this was like 10 years ago-now I don't think I could do any of them and I'm a lot rounder now). I think they could go in any order and make a dance.

About the hair- It's my mom's. She wore her hair like this in the 70's-of course so did every other woman.

I think these women are great and funny.

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Kelly said...

I LOVE them! They are SO modern dance-y! Especially the one in green- very Judith Jamison